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011 Tactical Survival Cours

You have the wish to do a new life experience? You would like to get to know the borders of your achievement and suffering ability and find out how does one extend them? You would like to train your personality, your physical and psychic constitution further and stabilise? You would like to exist in an extreme situation and take over responsibility for a group?

Then ist the 011 Tactical Survival Cours is a landmark in your personal limit value experience. This seminar goes in the preserves: namely in yours! You will fast get to know your borders and fears. We teach you how you can fight against this and overcome permanently. Your individual weaknesses are plumbed pitilessly. We show you how you can exist, nevertheless, in an extreme situation and use, besides, your personal strengths successfully - in every situation and position. It is worth for tasks to master in the team, to put back own needs and to accept the welfare of the group as an explained purpose. Nevertheless, we also show you how you only fight through.

Surviving Surviving Surviving
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Surviving Surviving Surviving
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The most important extracts from the education contents:

  • Main features of survival in extreme situations
    Conditions, psychology grounding, equipment 

  • Lodging
    Produce of makeshift lodgings and equipment, Fireplaces, Means for lighting 

  • Food
    Food procurement, Water production, Hunting technologies,  Trap construction  

  • First aid
    Selfhelp and companion's help, Medical first care in extreme situations, transport 

  • to Orient
    during day and night, with map and compass, GPS and to makeshift means

  • Combat
    Production of improvised weapons, Self-defence with and without weapons, knife defence,  Basic technologies in dealing with modern hand-held weapons 

  • Beat of obstacles
    Rope education, high-level express garden, ardouns area, climbing, roping, watercourses 

  • Rescue
    optical, acoustic, technical connecting means, Rescue technologies, Rescue by a helicopter from a dangerous emergency situation

 The course is suitable for all interested persons, from the beginner up to the pro with previous training. The number of participants is limited to 8 persons.

Reality-Based RAM Training
The aim of RAM is to provide the realism in training that cannot be achieved on a live firing range or when using blank ammunition. This specific realism is achieved by introducing a pain and marking penalty.
Using RAM in training enables the operator to apply the marksmanship principles that are developed with live ammunition on the range. Applying this principle in a realistic environment and under stress can have effect of real combat among participants.
What we offer in this training is:
  • Total training system with Real Action Marker, protective equipment and training courses
  • Most realistic close-range training system
  • Non-lethal and non-toxic projectile
  • Force-on-force and man-to-man live fire scenario training without any associated danger
  • Convenient training (any place, any time)
and applications such as:
  • Urban fighting
  • Close-quarter battle
  • Counter-terrorism
  • Individual and team situations
  • Protection of dignitaries
  • Trench clearing
  • Fighting in wooded areas
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