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Stress survival training
Stress management

The direct threat with fire arms or some other life threatening situation can cause the major shock. In those situations the complete block out of mind and body can occur.
People that have experienced this, confirm that this is a natural or is the initial reaction. The reaction that usually comes afterwards is motivated by the commitment to revenge the attack on fellow man. As a result of this, highly inappropriate behavior can emerge.
The main concept of our work is based in the personal experience. Hence, it is very important for the man to attain that personal experience during the learning process. Only in that way, one can fully understand the meaning of certain processes, situations and what is more to be able to deal with them successfully.
This training concept is intended for

Stress management
  • learning about personal reactions to certain stress situations
  • the assessment of rational limits to risks in specific situation
  • Getting experience in the situations of intense pressure.
  • Boosting courage as the personal experience
  • attaining creativity and thinking processes in stress situation
  • stress management

Reality-Based RAM Training
The aim of RAM is to provide the realism in training that cannot be achieved on a live firing range or when using blank ammunition. This specific realism is achieved by introducing a pain and marking penalty.
Using RAM in training enables the operator to apply the marksmanship principles that are developed with live ammunition on the range. Applying this principle in a realistic environment and under stress can have effect of real combat among participants.
What we offer in this training is:
  • Total training system with Real Action Marker, protective equipment and training courses
  • Most realistic close-range training system
  • Non-lethal and non-toxic projectile
  • Force-on-force and man-to-man live fire scenario training without any associated danger
  • Convenient training (any place, any time)
and applications such as:
  • Urban fighting
  • Close-quarter battle
  • Counter-terrorism
  • Individual and team situations
  • Protection of dignitaries
  • Trench clearing
  • Fighting in wooded areas
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