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Shooting Weekend
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Shooting Weekend

Action shooting

Action shooting could be best perceived in few words: adrenalin, fitness, sport, fun and entertainment. We recommend it to young and active people, spots oriented and inquisitive families, but we have to mention that this activity can be extremely interested to elder and advanced connoisseurs and activity lovers.

For your pleasure in a spacious outdoor range, only 30 minutes drive from Belgrade, we have enabled pistols, shotgun, rifle (including assault rifles)...

Our shooting instructors all have an outstanding law enforcement and military experience, and they will prepare special made to-order shooting program just for you. Also we have enabled fun only shooting programs, or training programs for defensive or sport shooting.

For recreational shooting fans we have made special Fun shooting programs. These are partially based on special police and Special Forces training, and allow participants to experience live fire shooting. These programs are interesting for team building and training exercises in companies as well as the part of certain celebration events etc. Alternatively this program can be a great surprise to someone you love, and whose passion for action you respect.

We encourage you to try our *Defensive Shooting Workshops* to gain basic information on defensive shooting, to meet and learn from master marksmen in action, and to experience the essentials of firearm defense.

If you are interested in serious *Defensive Pistol* training embrace our flagship program! We provide *comprehensive firearms training programs* for reputable security companies and security professionals, as well as serious and intensive programs for competitive defensive shooting champions.

Most of our programs are open for laymen with no previous shooting experience. All that is required from our participants is to be healthy, physically fit, and persevering. Even people that have certain disability can also participate in our activities to some extent. One more thing to keep in mind, when participating in event like this, is the choice of proper clothing, footwear and other equipment that must meet the standards for outdoor range conditions and weather changes.

Tactical 011 also offers to clients so called "The adrenalin weekend". This course has been designed to fulfill clients' need for excitement, to boost stamina, and to embrace various interesting activities. This course represents combination of the shooting weekend with activities such as parachuting jumps, rafting and/or alpinism and free climbing.

All programs are available upon your request, and English and German are spoken in order to ease the communication between members and staff.

Shooting Weekend
Shooting Weekend
Shooting Weekend

Reality-Based RAM Training
The aim of RAM is to provide the realism in training that cannot be achieved on a live firing range or when using blank ammunition. This specific realism is achieved by introducing a pain and marking penalty.
Using RAM in training enables the operator to apply the marksmanship principles that are developed with live ammunition on the range. Applying this principle in a realistic environment and under stress can have effect of real combat among participants.
What we offer in this training is:
  • Total training system with Real Action Marker, protective equipment and training courses
  • Most realistic close-range training system
  • Non-lethal and non-toxic projectile
  • Force-on-force and man-to-man live fire scenario training without any associated danger
  • Convenient training (any place, any time)
and applications such as:
  • Urban fighting
  • Close-quarter battle
  • Counter-terrorism
  • Individual and team situations
  • Protection of dignitaries
  • Trench clearing
  • Fighting in wooded areas
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